RSVP are spearheading the renaissance of live Bhangra music in the UK and Europe. Their unique evolution of the Bhangra music, create a new and irresistible sound that Indian and mainstream audiences love and keep on coming back for!

From massive music festival (Glastonbury, WOMAD) and other boutique festivals (Larmer Tree, Beautiful Days, Port Eliot, Respect, Sunrise & more!) RSVP is always guaranteed to get even the most reluctant on their feet, and leave audiences breathless with excitement.


Be part of the success...After a hugely successful 2015, RSVP is now organising its 2016 programme and is looking for new events to add to their tour.  If you are organising an event or Party and you want to guarantee a great time for your audiences, RSVP will provide a professional, fun filled, interactive and uniquely memorable Bhangra experience for all! 


In 2013, RSVP goes global...- Launched new Album "Keeping it Alive"- Released 3 new singles- European tour of Belgium, France and Luxembourg- Toured over a dozen UK festivals (including WOMAD)


Quotes from festival organisers....

GLASTONBURY - “rocked the masses to exhaustion!!”

WOMAD"People are going MENTAL! (dancing)"

FEEST IN HET PARK BRUGGE - “RSVP music & energy crosses all boundaries"