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RAY GREENE & BAND (USA, Santana/Tower of Power lead vocalist)

Born and raised in Georgia within the deep musical traditions of the Gospel Church and in the shadows of many of the great soul and R&B legends of our time, Ray Greene developed his unique skill as a vocalist within this environment, having absorbed the spiritual passion and outstanding musicianship that surrounded him.

Throughout his diverse and innovative career, Ray Greene has performed and recorded with luminaries such as Aretha Franklin, the Isley Brothers and Natalie Cole, as well as being an essential contributor to the renowned soul fusion outfit Tower Of Power. Ray is also a key member and lead male vocalist in the band of guitar legend Carlos Santana. Now with the new album entitled Stay, Ray Greene showcases his enthralling musical prowess, by pouring his heart and soul into a collection of deeply personal and emotionally stirring songs that perfectly represent his exceptional artistic abilities.

Stay is an album that harks back to the days of artists such as Sam Cooke and Otis Reading, who delivered such power and determination in their approach to singing their classic material.

Ray Greene explains that: “Soul music is at the heart of this collection of songs. However, the record is also heavily influenced by artists and musicians from an array of different genres and sub-genres of Soul and R&B music. There are elements of Jazz improvisation, Blues, Gospel, Pop and even Reggae. ‘Stay’ is the culmination of all these styles coming together to tell the many different stories of life, love, and relationships.”

As well as being widely renowned for his formidable vocal skills, Ray Greene is a professional trombone player, taking the helm of the brass section of Tower Of Power for many years. Now with his new album Stay, Ray positions himself in the limelight like never before: a master soloist at the forefront of an album that will become a landmark recording for years to come.

The tour features Reggie Washington on bass (USA, Roy Hargrove, Steve Coleman) , Francois Jhonson on keys (USA), Jonas Vogelsang on guitar (DE) and Alex Bernath on drums (DE)

Open booking periods: Summer & October 2023 //  Spring  2024 (in collaboration with Alexander Agency)

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