The Cuban popular music flows in the veins of Amadito Valdés (nominate to Grammy 2003), who could find in his own father-of the same name-and Walfredo de los Reyes, two undeniable masters.


For more than 40 years, scenes of the entire world know about his unique style and personal charm. Essentially “timbalero”, drummer of fiber, indeed Amadito Valdés worked in several important Cuban orchestras, though his trace for almost 30 years set the rhythm for the quartet “Las D’Aida”, one of the most important female choral groups of the Latin world.  Beginning with 1997 he takes part of what up to date is known as the project “Buena Vista Social Club” – in allusion to the same named record, that merit the Grammy Award (1998)-, also in particular of the Afro Cuban All Stars orchestra and the group of the well known piano player Rubén Gonzalez. 


Together with other stars of this international popular phenomenon he has acted in the most expensive show business plazas of the planet and now a days, since 2002, after the throwing in the world market of “Bajando Gervasio” (nominate to Grammy 2003), first record that leads as a soloist, he is now developing his artistic project, that conforms, besides recordings and presentations, an unpublished book, a sui generis clinic, a plastic arts exposition and other interesting musical actions. 


Amadito Valdés is mentioned in the “Jazz Latino dictionary of Nat Chediak, he has been invited as “special guest” twice to the Grammy Awards ceremony (1998 and 2000) and takes part on the selected group “Artist Series” (endorsee senior) of the well known musical instruments maker German Enterprise “MEINL”, which in recent days launched to the market the “Amadito Valdés´s Model Timbal”, and so this musician becomes one of the few that shares such and honor in the world.  His international image exposed by the documental film “Buena Vista Social Club”, made by the German film maker Wim Wenders; has made him been known in the means as “the most seen timbalero” after the legendary Tito Puente.