HornDogz are Eric "Shrizzadelic" Rohner (saxophones), Gil "C-Freak" Garin (trumpet) and Rico "Adiko" Kerridge (guitar / compositions). They met for the first time in Malka Family, a historic french funk band
In 2010 they stand in for George Clinton's "P-Funk All Stars" as his horn section for the French tour. For this occasion they were nicknamed « The HornDogz» by bassist Lige Curry with whom they later record. For some time they have been breeding for a musical project highlighting the horns, they adapted the name in order to tell the story behind it and so be it, "The HornDogz" were born.
Together with guitarist/composer Rico «Adiko»Kerridge the trio of producers invited some of the most prestigious funky artist to record a mind-blowing album: Amp Fiddler, Bibi Tanga, Blitz the Ambassador, Breis, Fred Wesley, Greg Boyer, Jee Williams, Juan Rozoff, Lige Curry, Mary Griffin, Michael Clip Payne, Mike Larry & Jude Kidsude Pericles, P-Funk Horns, Peeda, Sadiq Bey & Ty.
The result is  a horny sound with the dog in it!