Here comes the Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal of the most legendary Congolese rumba band of them all: the OK Jazz Band founded in 1956 in what was then called “Belgian Congo“. 


Congo’s finest Odemba OK Jazz All Stars - keeping the music and spirit of Franco and OK Jazz alive!

Led and conducted by guitarist and living legend ‘Dizzy Mandjeku’ who was an original member of Franco’s OK Jazz, this magnificent 12 piece band are the original exponents of smooth big band ‘Franco style’ Congolese Rumba. Other greats in the All-Star line up include Malage De Lugendo, Nana and Baniel, Dele Pedro, and veteran Seigneur Lokombe all of whom are legends in their own right.


Although this form of music was at its height in the 60s and 70s it is anything but old fashioned. In fact the music is so dominated by driving bass lines, amazing horn sections, powerful voices, and melodic guitar rifts that it appeals to all people of all ages and most of all it makes people dance like they have never danced before! 


Dizzy Mandjeku also called Papa Dizzy has performed and recorded with several other top artists such as Jimmy Cliff, Zap Mama, Baloji. He is also co-author of the international hit by Stromae  " Papaoutai"


So if you want to hear the "Belle Epoque" of Congolese rumba and the voice of "Seigneur" Lokombe don't hesitate, Odemba OK Jazz All Stars will bring your dancehall to boil in no time!